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Classes Currently Offered

Needs-Based Communication for Kinksters

60 to 90 minutes – Do you struggle to express your needs or advocate for yourself, especially in a power exchange or kink context? In this interactive class, we will discuss how to use need-based language to connect with yourself, quickly dissolve conflict, and negotiate with others. This is an introductory course – The only thing you need is a willingness to learn!

Mindfulness, Mantras, and More: Spiritual Practices for Deepening Surrender

60 to 90 minutes – Opening up and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable can be challenging when our minds are anxious, overwhelmed, or otherwise resistant. This class integrates practices from several spiritual traditions aimed to help participants connect with their core needs, develop a sense of emotional and spiritual safety, and intentionally drop their barriers. The content has no religious underpinnings, and the only metaphysical belief that it relies upon is that of personal, intangible energy that can be consciously manipulated. Anyone can use these techniques, both in power exchange relationships and kink scenes, although this class is oriented towards those that surrender.

The Principles of Restorative Self-Care

60 to 90 minutes – Restorative practices have been slowly integrated into criminal justice and education systems around the world. Restorative practices can also provide a new lens through which we can view inner harm and guilt. This reframing takes us from guilty self-talk or obsession over transactional relationships to deep self-connection and healing. This class will examine the principles and the practical use of restorative practices in public policy, then continue to their use in our inner lives. We will discuss the complex systems behind each interaction, the embodiment of true self-compassion, and practices for releasing shame and guilt.

Classes in Development

Life as an Amateur Punching Bag: Receiving Pain as a Service

Doubling Down: Masochism and Chronic Pain