I teach communication and peacemaking skills within alternative sexuality communities such as the kink community and the ethical nonmonogamy community. My main focuses are Nonviolent Communication, restorative justice, and the use of spiritual practices to enhance power exchange.



Due to the public health crisis, I’m teaching exclusively online for the time being. These online classes build on each other but can be attended in any order. Topics include advanced communication skills, collaborative consent, and mindfulness for submission. The classes are interactive, sometimes emotionally raw spaces where attendees can share authentically.

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Discussion Groups

I’m currently organizing facilitated, ongoing discussion groups to build a dialogue around restorative justice within our communities. What principles should leaders focus on when aiming to repair harm? How vital is the opinion of the larger community when consent has been violated? Can we truly police ourselves? These questions and more will be discussed.

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Meditation Practices

I’m in the growth phase of developing a series of recurring meditation practices designed specifically for those that surrender in a power exchange relationship. While many resources recommend mindfulness and meditation to s-types, I hope to provide clarity and guidance within this practice.

Schedule a short meeting with me if you are interested in meditation for deepening submission